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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Brother The Homophobe - Coming Out Soon

Back in the fall of 2013, my good friend George Mills approached me with an idea for film that he wanted to see online. After surprising me with it's comedic content I immediately said yes to helping take the idea from script to screen.

The synopsis:
Meet Darren and his twin brother James. Darren has a rare psychological social disorder which affects 1 in every 900,00 people. We follow Darren closely and learn the difficulties he faces being a "Clinical Homophobe".

We started filming this short film in December 2013 with the help of Jacob Booth. With lots to do it was a fun time on set, taking three days to shoot. This film features the talent of Ed Browning, a big thank you for his time and energy on set. A big thank you also to Chris Lever for his audio and music, making this film sound amazing.

The film will be online at 19:00 GMT on Saturday the 19th of April on YouTube and Vimeo.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Busy 2 Bee

It's about time I posted an update. A lot has been going on. Since the completion of my last short film "Scabs" back in August 2013, I have started work as a media technician at a school in Bath Spa. I was not working on any films, then suddenly when December 2013 hit, I find myself involved in three short film projects, good times.

"Ticketer". This light-hearted romantic comedy follows middle aged traffic warden John, who takes on young cocky apprentice, Kris. At the end of last year I was asked very kindly by Kris Smith, Martin Ballantyne and John Atkins to edit this short film. It's going well, had to employ some clever creative thinking to edit this film together. This is the first time I've worked exclusively as an editor. Previous times have been cutting together dailies I was present for, and for this reason I get a big buzz of creative energy.

Ticketer Facebook Page

Ticketer IMDB Page

"My Brother The Homophobe". A mockumentary written by George Mills, looks at the profile of Darren and his unusual condition, clinical homophobia. The comedy is very tongue in cheek and I wonder in anticipation on how it will be received by audiences, only time will tell. Recently started editing this after production wrapped in December 2013. Once post-production has finished it will be free to view online. Will be posting a release date soon.

"Catalogue Wars". It was never my intention to co-produce a lot of mockumentaries, but I see a pattern forming. It doesn't surprise me, mockumentary is a popular genre for online short films, producing comedic creativity at a low budget. Written by Eddie Brown, this film looks at catalogue retail hooliganism, following a group of violent misfits supporting Argos. Production recently wrapped, and will move into post production next week.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Ticketer - Begins Filming

In the beautiful city of Norwich, filming begins on short film 'Ticketer'. Starring Martin Ballantyne and cinematography by Kris Smith, this is the directorial debut for John Atkins. I will be editing this short film when filming completes this year.
Please check out the Facebook page for this short film.

Ticketer - Facebook Page

Sunday, 15 September 2013

I'm Still Here - Premiere

September 7th 2013 saw the 'world' premiere of my good friend Kris Smith's debut feature film 'I'm Still Here'. Something I had been longly anticipating and excited to see, and it didn't disappoint.

The night started off with a lovely speech by Kris, talking about the inspiration for his film, working with the talented Dan Burman, and a thank you to his family, friends and cast and crew.

At the end of the film there wasn't a dry eye in the house, which led to a glorious standing ovation throughout the entire ending credits.

Kris Smith has now graduated from NUA with a masters in Film, and I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that the world is his oyster.

I'm Still Here - IMDB

Facebook Page

My Last Day On 'One'

At the beginning of 2013, I had the extremely lucky privilege of being invited to join a collective of volunteers with the dream of producing a feature film. Over a period of six months 'Reel People Films' would start an adventure in the vibrant city of Bristol. With eight writers behind a ready draft and ten directors at the helm, we were all about to embark on a journey to create the feature film entitled 'One'.

My time on set has been an amazing experience, and got the chance to meet some truly inspiring people, and I will never forget what we achieved this year. One weekend that will stay with me forever, is the time we spent filming on the Clifton suspension bridge. Overlooking the shimmering lights of night time Bristol, we set to work in the manner that became the Reel People Film's camaraderie of those six months.

'One' is now entering five months of post production. The journey lives on, but I want to take five minutes in writing this blog to say a huge thank you to Ross Wilson and Sica Denerley-Weiss for welcoming me with open arms into their filmmaking family, and I feel proud to be associated with this production.